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Juke Box Hero

2x Sundance Feature Film Festival Lab Finalist

A Dramatic Feature Film


Juke Box Hero Trailer- Crowd Funding
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Digital Copy of Film

Digital Copy of Juke Box Hero

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Signed Script!

Receive a signed copy of the script and a digital copy of Juke Box Hero

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Want to see your name or business on the big screen as well as on IMDB? This is your chance! You will also receive all of the above swag.

Special Thanks, Script and Film

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IMDB Credit:
Associate Producer

Receivean IMDB Associate Producer credit, screen credit, a digital copy of Juke Box Hero, and signed script.

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IMDB Credit:
Executive Producer

Receive an IMDB Executive Producer credit, screen credit, digital copy of Juke Box Hero, and signed script.

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Juke Box Hero is a visceral and psychological '80s drama set in Los Angeles, California. This 80’s film taps into the latent fears of our society that both attract and repel. Juke Box Hero portrays the unlikely companionship of Kiva Jade, an alluring and brazen musician driven to become a multi-platinum superstar in the counter-culture world of rock and roll, and Allan Crossley, a humble, nursing-home caregiver with a golden heart!


The cost of finishing a feature film can get pretty pricey. We are currently using 45% of our funds to cover the Post Production Process, 30% on Marketing, and 25% is going towards PR. 

Along with your contribution, please get the word out about, "Juke Box Hero" and share our campaign with your friends & relatives! Friends of friends too who may want to be a part of the movie get an exclusive an Associate Producing, etc credit on IMDB! Are you ready?!


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